LANDAU Preschool / Kindergarten


What is PreSchool’s curriculum?

Our academic program is based on the British National Curriculum for International Stream and National Curriculum (with an accent on Math) for Russian Stream.

Additional information can be acquired from the following link: About PreSchool

Which year groups does PreSchool have?

LANDAU PreSchool offers  Kindergarten and  PresSchool for kids of 3 year groups from 3 to 6 years of     age. 

  • Kindergarten: 3–4-year-old kids. (only in Sea Breeze campus)    
  • PreSchool Junior group: 4–5-year-old kids (Bayil and Sea Breeze campuses)
  • PreSchool Senior group: 5–6-year-old kids (Bayil, Narimanov and Sea Breeze campuses) 
What are PreSchool’s shifts?

LANDAU PreSchool offers two-shift lesson schedule. 

  • 1st shift: 5 times a week 09:00 – 13:00  
  • 2nd shift: 3 times a week 14:00 – 17:30
What is Kindergarden's shift?

LANDAU Kindergarten offers one-shift schedule. 

  • 5 times a week 09:00 – 17:30 
What is the tuition fee?



Tuition - annually 

Tuition - partially 

 Kindergarten  International  700 AZN per month  - 
 PreSchool - 3 times a week  International  3900 AZN 4300 AZN
 PreSchool - 5 times a week  International  5500 AZN 6000 AZN
 PreSchool - 3 times a week  Local  3300 AZN 3600 AZN
 PreSchool - 5 times a week  Local  4400 AZN 4800 AZN
What are the available discounts?
  • 10% discount is applied for siblings 
  • Polad & Natavan discounts for senior groups
  • LANDAU Education Group employees

For more information click following link: Tuition Assistance 

How many Campuses does PreSchool have?

LANDAU PreSchool has 3 campuses: 

  • Bayil Campus- PreSchool Junior group / PreSchool Senior group (International Stream) 
  • Narimanov Campus- PreSchool Senior group (International and Russian Stream) 
  • Sea Breeze Campus - Kindergarten / PreSchool Junior group  / PreSchool Senior group(International Stream) 

For more information about campuses, please, click the following link:  LANDAU SCHOOL Campuses

What kind of meals does PreSchool provide for kids?
  • Preschool provides its students with a snack (included into the price)
  • Kindergarten students are provided with 2 Meals/ 2 snacks per day (included into the price)
What are the events and holiday dates?

Information about LANDAU PreSchool events and holidays can be acquired from the following link: PreSchool Calendar

Does PreSchool have clubs and extended days. If yes, what time?
  • Extended Day -13:00-14:00 after preschool (paid) 
  • Clubs -13:00-14:00 after preschool (paid) 
Is there a uniform for LANDAU PreSchool students?

Yes, there's a uniform for Senior groups in PreSchool. Junior group students are not required to wear uniforms.

Does LANDAU PreSchool have a bus service?

LANDAU School is partnering with a bus service. Parents can sign a contract with the bus service, after that students will be able to use bus services. 

Can parents view surveillance cameras from home?

No, surveillance cameras are only allowed to be viewed by the school’s security guards.

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