Our Statements

Our Mission

Inspire and guide every student to become the best version of themselves


Our Vision

Assist in unlocking the full potential of developing nations, by empowering students with the mindset, knowledge and skills to become agents of positive change



Our Values


Observe and maintain the highest level of integrity

•Always tell the truth even when it is difficult

•Do the morally right thing even when no one is watching

•Treat everyone with dignity and respect

•Hold everyone to the same high standard of accountability, without bias or favouritism


Empower students to develop the best version of themselves


•Foster a growth mindset among students which embraces challenges and sees mistakes as learning opportunities

•Carry the responsibility of being a positive role model to students

•Empower students to explore and pursue their passions and talents

•Encourage students to set personal goals and work tirelessly to achieve them

•Instil a strong sense of personal values and principles


Become the lighthouse for exceptional colleagues


•Foster a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility

•Advance the personal and professional development of colleagues through mentorship and feedback

•Share your voice in the pursuit of our shared objectives

•Take action and embrace the results with full dedication and ownership