Primary School

About Primary School

We strive to focus on the primary function of a school, a quality education, which should start at the very beginning of a child’s academic life. We understand that to deliver a quality education, high quality teachers are required. Therefore, we are determined to gather the best teachers and also invest heavily in their training, to promote their development even further.


Following the same philosophy as the LANDAU High School, we are determined to promote a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity from a young age. This is achieved by creating an atmosphere that promotes active learning and also by having relatively small class sizes. This allows teachers to focus on every student and make sure the overall development of each student is up to the standard that we expect at LANDAU.


At LANDAU Primary School, the use of technology and online resources is encouraged to help pupils realize that the Internet can be an incredibly powerful education tool when used correctly. Proper guidance and internet awareness will steer pupils in the right direction and allow them to harness the full potential of the knowledge on the internet. The pupils will be taught to critically analyze online sources to be able to distinguish credible sources from non-credible sources.



Inspired by the teaching techniques in the world’s most successful school systems, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Finland as well as in the best UK schools, our curriculum is designed to produce productive, creative and well-educated students. LANDAU Primary School will be teaching using a blend of International and British Primary Curriculum, chosen to best guide the pupils in their formative years. The curriculum will be organized around the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 programs. This will provide a solid foundation for the pupils to excel at LANDAU High School.


Extra – curriculars


An emphasis will be put on the complete development of the pupil. This involves finding topics that pupils are naturally curious about. This achieved with the concept of “project based learning” where the pupils will be assigned various topics to create a project. This encourages skills such as teamwork, communication and research from a young age. The aim is to inspire pupils to develop an organic interest in various fields of study. It is very important that the students interests are facilitated at the school and that students go to high school and eventually to university with a broad skill set and a diverse set of interests.