Primary School


When do the lessons start/end?

The first lesson starts at 8:00 and students are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance. The final lesson ends at 13:40. Students who have support or activity clubs leave at 14:30. 

Is the homework completed at school?

No, homework is not completed at school. Students who join Extended Day Care are provided with the environment to do their homework at school. 

What subjects are taught?

English, Math, Science, Azerbaijani language, Global Perspectives, PSHE, Reading, Music, Art, PE, ICT. 

What extracurricular activities are offered?

Students may join one free after school activity clubs offered by the school and an unlimited number of paid clubs. The list of activities is updated every year based on what is in demand. 

What is the school fee?

8,300 azn per year. 

Will the school fee change in the following years?

The school fee may or may not change based on the economic situation in the country. The fee changes when students graduate Primary School and transition to Secondary School. 

How many students are in each class?

There are 18 students in each class. 

Can parents meet the teachers prior to starting the academic year?

In the beginning of every academic year LANDAU School holds orientation meetings for parents to meet the teachers. 

Are there native speakers teaching in the school?

No, there are mostly local teachers in the school. 

How many teachers are assigned to each class? Are there assistants and nannies?

In Key Stage 1 (Grades 1 and 2) there is a mainstream teacher, co-teacher and subject teachers. 

In Key Stage 2 (Grades 3 and 4) there is a homeroom teacher and subject teachers. 

There is a nanny on every floor of the school. 

Can parents view surveillance cameras from home?

Surveillance cameras are only allowed to be viewed by the school’s security guards. 

How often are the classrooms and bathrooms cleaned?

Classrooms and bathrooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Bathrooms are cleaned every hour. 

Do students have snacks?

There is a snack break for students to eat snacks brought from home or bought from the snack stands.

Is the food heated if brought from home?

Yes, there are microwaves in the canteen where food may be heated. 

How much does the school lunch cost?

Presently the school lunch costs 6.20 azn. 

What does the school offer for lunch?

The school lunch set consists of soup, main course, salad, bread and water. 

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