Why choose LANDAU School

Extensive curriculum


LANDAU School is Pearson and Cambridge accredited. Our broad and unique curriculum has been designed to promote a dynamic, supportive learning environment in accordance with the requirements of both local and international education systems.


At LANDAU School, children may choose to study the national (local) or international (British) curriculum.


The national curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is taught at LANDAU School Local Curriculum and also covers extra inputs made by LANDAU School. Upon graduation, the students receive a local diploma and A-Level certificates.


At LANDAU School International Curriculum, the education is based on the British curriculum (IGCSE and A-Level, Edexcel Pearson and Cambridge programs). Upon graduation, students receive both local and international diplomas.


Apart from core academic subjects included in national and international curriculums, our school ensures that the students also gain an introduction to music and arts within the school program.


LANDAU School Local Curriculum and LANDAU School International Curriculum students may also join paid interest clubs that offer a broad range of co-curricular activities including but not limited to Arts and Crafts, IT, gymnastics for girls, national dance, public speaking, the football.


Our teachers


Our professional and competent local and international teachers possess not only an extensive educational experience but also a passion for the development and encouragement of our students. The students are encouraged to think independently through new and creative techniques incorporated into education. We pay attention not only to the professional skills of our teachers but also to their personalities; therefore, every candidate passes through a comprehensive selection process before joining our team. Our school ensures that each student gets individual attention by providing a sufficient teacher-student ratio.


It should be mentioned that our teachers are trained by not only LANDAU Academy but also by renowned universities, such as Cambridge and Harvard. LANDAU School Teachers are trained by Cambridge Assessment International Education – Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE, and A-level, Edexcel International A-level by Pearson, Harvard Online Business School, and European Council of International Schools. 


Frequent monitoring


At LANDAU School we conduct weekly assessments and monthly director monitoring to ensure the progress and learning of the students. Free support lessons are also available upon request. With data collected from weekly assessments, our teachers can work with the students in order to establish achievable learning goals as well as make sure that every child is staying on track. 


Campus diversity


The availability of a wide selection of LANDAU School campuses enables the parents to choose the most location-wise suitable campus for their children. All our campuses are well-equipped and well-furnished and provide excellent facilities for studying.