Preparatory school for grades 9-11

About Preparatory school

"The Preparatory School", a joint project of Leznik & Co. educational center and LANDAU School, is designed for students in grades 9-11. In this course-based school, students will not only complete their secondary education and pass graduation exams (attestations), but also prepare for admission to both foreign and local universities (through SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL results).


The preparatory school is intended for students in grades 9-11. The school has two streams - Azerbaijani and Russian streams. The education system is two-shifted, and the daily class schedule is 3 hours. There will be 15-18 students in each class.







Preparation for the graduation exam.


Preparation for the graduation exam and "PreIELTS" / "PreTOEFL".



Preparation for the graduation exam, IELTS / TOEFL, and SAT.


Our advantages: 


  • With a daily 3-hour class schedule, students will be able to manage their time more efficiently.
  • Since the school is course-based, students will prepare for their respective subjects according to the course system and successfully complete the school to obtain a diploma. This, in turn, saves them from additional expenses.
  • Students will prepare for the graduation exam (attestation) in subjects designated for it at one center (meaning they won't have to go to different locations for each subject).
  • It will be possible to pay the tuition fee on a monthly payment basis.
  • Students will be fully prepared for both the graduation exam (attestation) and admission to foreign universities.