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LANDAU School online portal is a platform created to strengthen communication between parents, students and the school and to ensure that parents can easily follow the learning process of their children through a single portal. Through the portal parents can follow daily grades, exam results of the students, comments written by teachers, homework and other information online. 

Online Portal

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LANDAU School Online Portal Manual

You can download Online Portal manual from the following links:


Mobile app: Manual for mobile app


Web: Manual for web

LANDAU School Online Portal - FAQ

What is “LANDAU School online portal?

The portal gives parents an accsess to student information at any time of the day. Both students and parents can see assigned throughout the year grades, exam results, teacher feedback, and homework.  At the same time, portal gives parents an opportunity to message teachers and give their feedback as well.

How can I sign in to “LANDAU” School online portal?

In case student is accepted and as soon as parents sign the contract with the school, LANDAU School staff creates user accounts for parents and students and informs them about it by providing them with logins and passwords. In case any difficulties arise while logging into the account, parents can contact academic coordinators about it.  

How can I log into the “LANDAU School online portal”?

To log into the portal, please, go to website using either the mobile app or a web version and log in using the username and password sent to you by school staff. 

To get a mobile app, please, download it either from “Play Market” or “App Store” by entering “Landau School” key words into the search panel. You can download it either on your phone or tablet. 

Who can I refer to In case any difficulties with “LANDAU School online portal” arise?

In case any diffilulties or problems are experienced you can fill in the complaints and suggestions form on the website or contact academic coordinators regarding your problem. 

Is there a manual on Online Portal use?

Yes, there is.

Are there online classes with the LANDAU School online portal?

No, there are not.

What to do if you forget username or password?

If the username or password is forgotten, you need to contact the coordinator or receptionist to apply for the issue.

What information is available on the LANDAU School online portal?

Here you can find homework, comments, messages, and other information.

Is there a mobile application of LANDAU School online platform?

Yes, it is enough just to search for the words "Landau school" in the "Play Market" or "App store".