Secondary School

About Secondary School

LANDAU School is a certified private school which is registered with the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan (please check our license on the following link). We offer NCUK, KS3, IGCSE, A-level and SAT/ACT programs as well as a wide variety of extra-curricular activities with a focus on pastoral development. Our school offers key stage 3 education for grades 5, 6 and 7, international GCSE’s for grades 8 and 9 NCUK, A levels or SATs for grades 10 and 11. We also provide our students with Attestat (Azerbaijani national diploma).

Our vision and mission


We envision a bright future for each student, which we believe can only be achieved by empowering them through education. We aim at raising independent, intelligible and curious inquirers who will turn into decision makers and scholars and shape the future of their community. 


Our academic vision is to build and maintain a culture of excellence where all students can reach their full academic potential and achieve outstanding outcomes. All teachers are focused on academic achievement and all students demonstrate an attitude of caring and a desire to strive for their personal growth.


Our mission is to teach students to think independently, facilitating their development through appropriate guidance. We aim to achieve this goal by creating a student-oriented model and incorporating new and creative techniques into our teaching. The teacher-oriented model is where the teachers are given freedom to use various tools to invoke a genuine interest in a particular subject. It also focuses on understanding the subject rather than being exam-trained. We also strive to develop the skills that allow students to analyse and think critically, which prepare them to succeed a top higher education institutions.


Our aims


  • Create a caring, supportive, safe and inspiring environment
  • Give students knowledge and skills and inspire them to become lifelong learners 
  • Provide students with a quality education based on the English National Curriculum and subjects related to Azerbaijan which lead to local Diploma (Attestat) and A level certificates or SATs 
  • Assist students to gain access to the world’s most prestigious universities 
  • Bring up individuals who will make a positive and responsible contribution to our school and the wider community.