Emil Leznik

Emil Leznik – Member of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder

The reputed mathematics teacher, who has had more than 4000 students pass through his door, Mr.Leznik brings the necessary quality in the teaching of technical subjects such as Maths to the school. Emil Leznik and his team of high profile mathematicians are there to support prospective LANDAU School students.

Rahul D’Mello

Member of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder

The young entrepreneur is currently undergoing his Medical training at Charite University of Medicine, Berlin. Mr.D’Mello, who has personal experience with A-Levels, having finished with 6 A*/As. Mr.D’Mello brings new energy to the team and a novel way of finding solutions at the school.    

David Draper

Chief School Consultant

Having served as a Principal and a member of the board of Governors for various schools in the UK, Azerbaijan and Turkey, Councillor Draper will ensure that the school runs according to the high standards of British Schools.

Timur Leznik

Member of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder

A seasoned professional with an experience in various industries, Mr.Leznik will ensure the High School, Evening School and Language School run smoothly for the satisfaction of students, teachers, partners and the board. Mr.Leznik’s main principle is to provide high quality services and exceed expectations of LANDAU clients.

Aygun Gandilova

Head of Human Resources

Ms. Aygun brings more than 12 years of working experience in international and local organizations and 4 years experience living and studying abroad. She holds a BA degree from Western University and MSW degree from Washington University. As the Head of the Human Resources Department, she ensures the smooth operation of the HR department and management of company’s workforce. Ms. Aygun is passionate about people and their development and believes in each employee’s potential. Her main goal is to help Landau School remain viable by attracting top talent and creating caring, friendly and professional environment.

Rustam Piriyev

Head of Admission and Customer Care

Graduate of Baku Business University with a degree in Accounting and Audit, Mr.Rustam worked in Journalism for 16 years. He joined our team with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of essential operations at LANDAU.

Rustam Aghamammadov

Head of Operations

Mr.Rustam graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and holds a master degree in Economics. He has got more than 17 years of work experience and very good operational skills. He is engaged in the hard working process of maintaining safe environment for LANDAU Primary School.

Lala Nuriyeva

CEO Assistant

Ms.Nuriyeva is the primary point of contact for parents for all questions. She is also responsible for the smooth running of day to day activities in the school.

Oqtay Atayev

Head of Marketing and PR

Having 10 years of experience in the field of media, he coordinates the work of the company in the areas of marketing, public relations, and communications.

Fyodor Ryabov

System Administrator/Hardware Team Leader

He joined LANDAU School as a System Administrator/Hardware Team Leader. Has over 13 years of experience in IT sphere. Is responsible for the performance of computer networks, as well as video surveillance and access control systems.

Elmin Abdinov

Pre LANDAU Primary Manager

Mr. Elmin is a reliable Office Manager with over 7 years of experience in a corporate setting. He earned a bachelor degree from Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. Mr. Elmin pocesses strong multi-tasking skills, with ability to simultaneously manage various projects and schedules.

Akif Hamishazadeh

Pre Landau Secondary Manager

Mr. Akif Hamishazadeh graduated with honours from the Faculty of International Business at the University of Coventry London where he was awarded an EduQual (UK) certificate for successfully completing courses in Advanced Business and Marketing Management. Having more than 3 years of work experience in the field of National and International Education, Mr. Hamishazadeh is currently in charge of coordinating the administration, in addition to admissions, communications and sales.

Nazana Khidirova

Azerbaijani Department Coordinator

Ms.Nazana is our Azerbaijani Department Coordinator and Librarian. Her primary responsibility is to make sure all our students are registered with the Ministry of Education and promote the love of learning through reading. She will ensure that students are always equipped with interesting books to read and explore the world around them.