About House System

LANDAU School is delighted to launch House System from September 2018. The aim of the House System is to encourage teamwork and raise the aspirations of all our students. Students will have a sense of ownership for their House and we aim to provide a wide range of events including sporting and cultural to promote teamwork and a community spirit.

House System Coordinator will organize competitions and try to ensure there is something suitable for everyone. Points will be rewarded to House members and all staff, students and parents will be made aware of the results on a weekly basis. There will be a designated notice (display) board for House System with all up-to-date information regarding competitions, events and rewards.

Each week the highest achieving students from each house will become the ‘Star of the week’ and appear on the notice board.

A certificate will be presented to the student for their achievement in school assemblies.

Who runs and organises the competitions?

Primary teachers can run a competition but approval must be given from Head of Primary School. Competitions can range from a variety of different activities and will happen at various times during the school year.

About HOUSES at LANDAU School:

Each house comprises of 1 house master and 2 house captains.
Students are awarded house points in the following areas: Landau values, Academic , Attendance, Extra-curricular, Activities, Inter-House, inter-school and international competitions


House Motto:
Future is coming!


House Motto:
We are Curious!


House Motto:
Ours is the Wisdom!