Aysel Mammadova

Principal of Landau Secondary School

A passionate historian, whose love for her subject drives and ignites the passion of all of her students, Ms. Aysel Mammadova brings more than a 12-year experience of teaching the British curriculum to school. As the Principal of LANDAU Secondary School, she ensures that our school has the highest quality of teaching and learning. Ms. Aysel holds BA and MA degrees in International Relations and Political Studies and a Qualified Teacher Status issued by the Teacher Regulation Agency, England. Ms. Aysel is a strong advocate of a growth mindset in education and in life.

Konul Huseynova


Ms Konul Huseynova is the LANDAU Secondary School Principal of “Sea Breeze” campus in charge of KS3 and KS4. Ms Konul’s main task is to make sure that students of “Sea Breeze” campus learn and thrive in the quiet and fresh atmosphere of the Sea Breeze resort. Ms. Konul is a graduate of Azerbaijani University of Languages with the BA and MA degrees in German philology. Ms. Konul has 15 years of experience in teaching German and teacher training. She is a proud holder of the Grunes Diploma– German Teacher’s Training Program of Goethe Institute. Ms. Konul believes that kindness and empathy among students are essential for making the world a better place. 

Sabina Farajova


Ms Sabina Farajova graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Languages with a bachelor’s degree in Romano-Germanic Philology and a master’s degree in General Linguistics with honors; CELTA Bournemouth, UK. Her work history in international education is over 20 years. Sabina Farajova worked as a lecturer and instructor at Azerbaijan University of Languages as well as performed at teaching and leadership positions in various international schools in Baku. Sabina Farajova is LANDAU Secondary School Deputy Principal in charge of KS3, Head of English Department, and Head of school preparatory program— PreLANDAU International. Ms Sabina believes in the family and school fostering multicultural, environmental, and humanist values together for a better tomorrow. 

Zahira Mammadova


As the Head of Mathematics Department in LANDAU School, Ms. Zahira Mammadova tries to make all Mathematics classes the place where students want to be. As a successful teacher, Ms. Zahira has extensive knowledge of mathematics. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Baku State University and a PGCE from The University of Buckingham, UK. With 12 years of teaching experience in international schools, she prepares students for IGCSE Mathematics, AS/A-Level Mathematics, and Statistics. Ms. Mammadova is a trained Cambridge A-Level Mathematics Assessor and UAE certification holder of Middle School Leaders. Zahira Mammadova is LANDAU Secondary School Deputy Principal in charge of Y9-11. 

Kushvar Hajiyeva


Ms. Kushvar Hajiyeva graduated from Baku State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry. Her Ph.D. research was in the “Fine Organic Synthesis” Research Center at Baku State University. During her Ph.D. study she won a scholarship, and within the program of Erasmus Mundus “Electra Project”, had a six-month internship as a Ph.D. student in Prof. Dr. Jürgen Marten’s research group at Oldenburg University, Germany. She has publications in several local and foreign scientific journals. She has started her career as a Chemistry teacher in 2015, preparing students for IGCSE, Foundation, and A-level examinations according to the Cambridge and Edexcel syllabi. Moreover, since 2018 Ms. Kushvar has taken over the role of Pearson IPLS and Cambridge Checkpoint Exam Officer. Ms. Kushvar speaks fluently in English, Russian, German, and Turkish. Kushvar Hajiyeva is LANDAU Secondary School Deputy Principal in charge of Year 8. 

Parvin Zeynalova


Ms Parvin is a graduate of History Faculty from Baku State University. A teacher at heart she has joined LANDAU School as a PA to Principal from the very first day. She is a caring and passionate lady who is equally loved and respected by colleagues, students and parents. She has had several years of experience in the Customer Service field and can easily handle any stressful situation with her natural calmness and professionalism.

Sona Niyazova

Principal’s PA of Secondary School

She is actually a French teacher but is assisting the Principal of Landau School. Sona has graduated Baku Slavic University in 2017. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work. In a very short period of time she got loved by everyone, including our students. 

Gunay Huseynova


Ms. Gunay is LANDAU Secondary Office PA. Gunay is a cheerful, light-hearted young lady who is very enthusiastic about her job. Gunay speaks Azerbaijani, English and Russian. She graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University2015, Bachelor of Economics and Industry. Gunay worked as an observer marshal at Formula 1 races and Baku City Circuit as well as a medal awards ceremony team member at the first European Games. Moreover, Gunay participated in a summer volunteers programme in Germany. Gunay’s previous professional experience was in the accounting department in SOCAR.

Tofiq Rzayev

History Teacher

Mr Tofiq is a graduate of Baku Oxford School. He did his Bachelor studies and Masters Degree on International Relations & Political Science at Cyprus International University. His main aim as a teacher is to inspire students to learn and most importantly understand World History and it’s importance in today’s society

Adam Rakhamim

English Language Teacher

With a degree in Psychology from The City University of New York, Mr.Adam is a native speaker of English and is here to ensure that every single one of our students excel in the language. With 4 years of teaching experience in Baku and 7 years in New York, he has helped hundreds of students to achieve their goals.

Natavan Miriyeva

Head of Science Department Biology and Science Teacher

As a head of Science department, Ms.Natavan brings more than 10 years of teaching experience in Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Ms.Natavan spreads positive energy to whichever class she teaches.

Mehriban Mikayilova

Azerbaijani Language Teacher

As an experienced teacher and a professional speechwriter, Ms.Mehriban is well known in Azerbaijan for her innovative methods of teaching that she brings to the students of LANDAU school.    

Gular Hasanova

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Departmen and Pearson Exam Coordinator, French Language Teacher

With many years of teaching experience in international schools, PhD in Multimedia Language Learning Technologies, Ms.Gular proves how much fun learning French can be. Ms Gular is also our Exam Officer for Pearson IGCSE and A level Exams.

Gulshan Mammadzade

Maths Teacher

Ms.Gulshan holds a bachelor’s degree from Baku Engineering University and is doing her master degree at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. She has been experiencing  SAT Math since 2019. Her hard work, persistence, motivation, and diligence is obvious from the first impression.She has been able to differentiate herself from her peers with the above-mentioned characteristics and intention to catch up everything going on around her. She is instrumental in keeping the overall dynamics of the class quite active. Her advanced skills and passion for the subject make her an ideal  as a professional educator. She is exceptionally creative in his teaching approach setting high standards for students and motivating them to, not only meet, but to exceed those standards. Gulshan will continue her educational path and planning to receive PHD degree.

Ayvaz Huseynov

English Language Teacher

Mr Ayvaz is a linguist by education and passion with over ten years of experience in translation work and teaching. He has done translations of a number of books related to economic, business, historical and other topics.  Over the course of teaching practice, he has taught General English, Business English, English for Specific Purposes, IGCSE English as Second Language and IGCSE English as a First Language, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and GMAT. Apart from his university diploma in teaching English and German languages, he has got CELTA certificate from International House World Organization and Teaching English for Specific Purposes from Oregon University (USA). Mr Ayvaz is a great advocate of the communicative language learning and student-centered teaching approach and is a strong believer in lifelong learning.

Elchin Mammadov

Azerbaijani History Teacher

With a degree in History and years of experience in teaching Azerbaijani History, Mr.Elchin joins LANDAU High School Team to ensure students have comprehensive knowledge of Azerbaijani history.

Sevda Aliyeva

KS3 and IGCSE Maths Teacher

Ms Sevda started working at Leznik&Co, where she found her passion for teaching children. Having worked with Mr Emil Leznik, she was inspired and joined Landau School Maths team soon afterwards. She works hard and pays attention to the details. She makes the complicated world of Mathematics seem simple and achievable.

Elnur Asgerov

German Teacher

Beloved by all of his students, Mr.Elnur ensures our students speak proper German and are ready to step into a world of modern foreign languages.

Abuhayat Guliyeva

English Language Teacher

Ms Abuhayat is a graduate of Azerbaijani University of Languages, the school of English language Teaching. Currently, she is doing her MA on Education Management at the ADA University. Ms Abuhayat is an IELTS and ESL instructor with a teaching and leadership development background in Educational field. She loves the idea of nurturing good citizens with quality education and, consequently, leading to positive changes in society. 

Sabina Alandarova

KS3 Maths Teacher

Ms.Sabina is our beloved Maths teacher at Landau School and Pre LANDAU courses. She has a degree from the National Aviation Academy. She is one of the former students of Emil Leznik and is proud to be a part of the “Dream Team”.  

Sabina Ibragimli

Russian Teacher

Ms Sabina is a teacher of Russian Language and Literature. She has a PhD degree in Russian. She loves children so much that dedicated her career to teaching. Ms Sabina’s enthusiasm and passion brings magic world of Russian literature alive.

Rauf Pashabeyli


Mr Rauf is a graduate of Azerbaijani University of Languages. He is passionate about communication and teaching and beloved by all of his students. Mr Rauf delivers KS3 ICT lessons.

Kamran Mammadli

IGCSE, SAT and A Level Chemistry Teacher

Mr Kamran is a graduate of Canakkale 18 March University in Turkey. In the early years of his career he worked as a Chemist in Port of Canakkale – Waste reception facility. He has also worked as an IT Manager and website developer and was distinguished with a bronze medal in website design competition. He has a professional knowledge of computer programming. He has attended and successfully completed seminars on child psychology and development. His students took part in International Chemistry Olympiad and made their teacher and school proud by getting gold medals and different achievements. Mr Kamran is also an official ambassador of OWLYPIA Global Competition in Azerbaijan and a number of students under her guidance achieved high grades in the exam. With eight years of experience in teaching Chemistry, his only aim is to make his students love Chemistry. He believes that if someone hates Chemistry then he has probably learnt it from a wrong teacher.

Hajibala Khasiyev

KS3 Science, IGCSE Chemistry Teacher

With a BS in Chemistry and MA in Engineering Mr. Hajibala brings energy to the classroom and helps cultivate new ideas among his students. He has experience in teaching Science, IGCSE, SAT Chemistry Subject Test, and University program lessons. Mr Hajibala has successfully completed an online A-Level Chemistry program and ready to prepare students for multilevel tests according to Cambridge and Edexcel syllabus.

Venera Mukhtarzade


Ms Venera is a certified tutor with pluriannual experience of teaching foreign languages and cultures to people of different age groups. She has a double-degree in Italian and Arabic/English studies – both completed in Italy (University of Pisa, University of Macerata) – which assists her today in pursuing her career goal as a school teacher. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with students by implementing innovative didactic strategies, whilist falicitating their deeper understanding of the subject. Outside the professional environment she is a passionate cook, avid reader and an animal activist. 

Ulviya Gadzhieva

English Language Teacher

Ms Ulviya graduated from the Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages in 2011. She lived and studied in Moscow for a few years. She brings in years of experience and is a CELTA qualified teacher. She successfuly completed her CELTA course in Prague, Czech Republic.  

Gunay Mammadova

English teacher

Ms. Gunay is a graduate of the faculty of English Language Teaching from Azerbaijan University of Languages. She also holds a Master degree in English Literatures and Cultures from Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. Ms. Gunay got her CELTA certificate from International House Frankfurt in 2020. She has actively been engaged in teaching IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and other standardized tests of English since 2016. She is a bilingual teacher who is also fluent in German. Along with her passion for teaching and learning languages, Ms. Gunay is an avid reader who is in love with cultural studies, film and literary analysis.

Khanim Tapdigova

German teacher

Ms. Khanim graduated from the Azerbaijan Art Academy. She worked in various educational centers with children. Her teaching career began with teaching art and conducting art workshops. But having a great love for the German language and also wanting to develop in foreign languages directions, she decided to study German. She currently holds an international language certificate from Goethe and teaches German in LANDAU School. Ms. Khanim creates a pleasant atmosphere with her students by combining her German knowledge, love for children and art.

Nubar Gasimzade

Biology and Science Teacher

With a BS in Biology and MA in Educational Management, we are proud to have Ms.Nubar in our team. Students enjoy her engaging Biology.

Khatira Shiraliyeva

IGCSE Physics Teacher

Ms Khatira is a graduate of the faculty of Physics at Baku State University. She has Master Degree in Quantum Electronics from Azerbaijan National Academy of Science. She started working as a laboratory assistant and researcher from 2016. She adores children and is eager to spread the love of Physics. She has experience in teaching KS3 and IGCSE Physics.

Ayshan Safarli

KS3 Maths Teacher

Ms Ayshan has been involved in a number of experience programs organised by Maths faculty. This young and energetic maths teacher contributes greatly to teaching with new and motivating educational methods.

Valida Mammadova


Ms. Valida has been teaching at LANDAU School since its beginning. She gained much of her experience as Emil Leznik’s assistant after receiving a Bachelor degree from Azerbaijani State Oil and Industry University. She is a member of the Leznik & Co. family. Ms.Valida considers herself extremely fortunate to be a teacher and to work with the students at LANDAU School. Ms. Valida has every reason to be proud of her students’ accomplishments because the results speak for themselves.

Tornike Mgebrishvili

English Language Teacher

Mr Tornike is a CELTA qualified professional teacher with an international background and years of experience in various areas of teaching, including Cambridge exams and Business English. He is keen to apply modern standards and methodology of teaching, deliver interesting and effective lessons and ensure rapid and steady development of the students. 

Sevana Rahimli

Maths Teacher

Ms Sevana is a graduate of Baku Engineering
University with a Bachelor Degree in Mathematical Analysis and doing a master degree in Optimization methods at Baku State University. She has been teaching SAT Math since 2018. She is young, pro-active, enthusiastic, talented, yet experienced and energetic teacher of Maths at LANDAU School and Pre-LANDAU courses. Great Maths teachers know that they are not perfect. That is why they constantly read new materials to update their knowledge base. Ms Sevana tries to encourage active participation from your children. Ms Sevana continues her education career to receive her PHD degree

Gunel Aslanova


Ms Gunel is a graduate of Baku Engineering University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She has completed University with a distinction. Currently, is doing a Master of Science in Industrial Microbiology at Baku State University. She has successfully completed an online Microbiology program at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Throughout her studies, she has proactively participated in many research projects and has worked with many experimental methods in biology including PCR, ion chromatography, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and electrophoresis. Through applying this knowledge, she has published several publications on different branches of biology in a number of peer-reviewed journals. During her undergraduate study she won a scholarship in the grant competition funded by the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Presently, she is doing a research project on the “Microorganisms involved in treatment of wastewater obtained during production of soft drinks” at Coca-Cola Azerbaijan. She has several international certificates in the area of teaching and biology. Ms Gunel has started her teaching experience while she was studying at the university. She will teach students how to love science, understand its importance, and gain excellent laboratory skills.

Husniya Gasimova

German Language Teacher

Ms Husniya is a graduate of the University of Foreign Languages. She holds BA and MA degrees in German language and Philology. Language is a form of art for her. She loves creativity and encourages her students to be pro-active.

Rustam Sheydayev

ICT Teacher & Front-end lecturer

Mr Rustam is young and energetic Teacher of ICT at LANDAU School and Front-End Lecturer at LANDAU IT Academy.

Madina Huseynova

French Language Teacher

Ms. Madina holds a bachelor’s degree in French-Russian translation from Azerbaijan University of Languages. She also has a Master’s degree in teaching French as a second language in schools and businesses in France from the University of Artois. She won a competition and attended French teacher training in Nice, France.

Ms. Madina is open to new ideas, enjoys creating a positive environment in class, and strives to assist her pupils to get the highest possible marks.

Aygun Bayramova

German Language Teacher

Ms Aygun is a graduate of the Azerbaijan University of Languages. She has 15 years of experience in teaching German. Although her career started with teaching she also worked as a translator. She has improved her teaching methodology knowledge by attending difference conferences in and out of Azerbaijan. She loves music, art and history along with her passion for German.

Aytaj Ibrahimli

Geography Teacher

Ms Aytaj is our Geography teacher.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Art in American Studies degree from Baku State University in 2014 and a Master of Art in International Relations degree from Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta, Cyprus) in 2017. She is also CELTA certificate holder which is the most highly recognized qualification regarded English language teaching. Her passion for education dates far back from running summer schools to assisting students in MA years. She began her teaching career as an assistant of Prof.Dr.Wojciech Forysinski at EMU in 2016. Teaching tutorial classes of Theories and Practice of International Relations let her understand –“she was basically born into it”. She strongly believes that each child is a unique one who needs a secure and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

Seljan Gaffarli

Azerbaijani Langauge and Literature Teacher

Ms Seljan joined our team to deliver Azerbaijani Language and Literature lessons. She is passionate about her subject. She promotes the love of native language not only to local but also our expat students. Currently, she is working on her PhD research.

Ahiyaddin Chobanzada

KS3 Maths Teacher

Mr Ahiyaddin graduated from Baku Engineering University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the Baku State University. He is one of our young teachers who enjoys teaching math. He has also been a member of the Young Teachers Club throughout the university and has helped organize many seminars on how to become a good teacher . He is currently engaged in both SAT and IGCSE Maths. Ahiyaddin is insistent on continuing his education and obtaining his PHD.

Elnara Sardarli

KS3 Maths Teacher

With a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Informatics Ms Elnara is a valuable member of our team, who loves students and teaching Math.She explains with patience. Her love for students and Maths makes her lessons enjoyable. After graduating from Baku Engineering University, she is currently doing her master degree in Khazar University.

Sara Kouchehbagh


Sara has a drive to improve access to international educational and professional resources in Azerbaijan through her experiences in the United States and Europe. She taught English and professional development courses and seminars as a Fulbright Scholar in Baku, Azerbaijan at the University of Languages, and she was previously a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Arkansas in the United States. Sara has worked for international institutions including the United Nations and Al Jazeera English and conducted her MS thesis research on an American fellowship at the University of London SOAS. She is dedicated to supporting women’s empowerment, international education and public diplomacy, and is currently leading a US Department of State grant to provide more educational opportunities in Azerbaijan for students. Sara teaches English in KS3,4 in LANDAU International.

Fikrat Mammadov

Physical Education Teacher

Mr Fikrat graduated from the University of Physical Education. He has been working as a swimming coach for 15 years. Most of his former students are the members of Azerbaijan National Team. Mr Fikrat loves children and is eager to teach them self-defense tenchniques such as Judo. His goal is to take Landau students to local and international competitions both in Baku and abroad.

Tebriz Idrisov

Chess Teacher

FIDE Master, 3 times in a row he was Baku champion, medalist of European and World Championships prepares LANDAU students to participate in various tournaments. Mr.Tebriz graduated Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport and has great experience in the teaching field.    

Marina Tankaskaya

PE teacher in Secondary School

Marina is a PE teacher in LANDAU School. Having graduated from Baku Slavic University Regional Studies and Translation, Marina became known as a prominent female handball player. She has been a multiple champion of Azerbaijan, Turkey and internationally. Marina Tankaskaya, a master of sports in handball, has been the Azerbaijan National Handball Team Captain for 15 years. She has played in various handball clubs in Turkey for 10 years. Marina is fluent in Russian, English, Turkish, Macedonian and Serbian. There are Wikipedia articles about Marina Tankaskaya in three languages.

Anna Gamidova

PE teacher in Secondary School

She is a PE teacher in LANDAU School. Anna graduated from Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport with the specialization of PE teaching and sport training at school. She is a master of sports in handball. Anna has played in the National Female Handball team for 20 years with previous 10 years in the National Junior Team. Anna has played for Azerbaijani and Romanian female handball clubs. Anna has been a volleyball trainer in the Youth Sports School for 5 years. Anna is the second coach in Qarabag Handball Club. She is fluent is Azerbaijani and Russian.

Bilgeyis Tahmasib

IGCSE and SAT Maths Teacher

Ms Bella began her career in education in 2007 and has worn many hats since then serving students of all ages. She has graduated from Olympic High School in Charlotte, North Carolina and attended Baku State University for her bachelors, majoring in Mathematics and Mechanics. Ms Bella is a proud holder of a CELTA certificate. She pursued her master’s degree in Data Science through University of Warsaw, writing her thesis on “Predicting credit card fraudulent transactions on unbalanced data using machine learning”. Ms Bella comes with over ten years of professional teaching experience and is very excited to bring her passion for education to the Landau students.

Khanim Gahramanova

KS3 and IGCSE Maths Teacher

Being a graduate of Baku Engineering University as a Math teacher, Ms Khanim was awarded with “Honor Diploma” and has been teaching Math since graduation. During her Bachelor years, she has been involved in teaching Calculus in university because of being an exceptional student. For the past two years, she has been providing Math classes to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) students and Middle Year Programme (MYP) students in international schools. At the same time, Ms Khanim has been teaching Maths courses according to different international programs such as IGCSE, IB, PreSAT and SAT.

Aynura Nasibova

Maths Teacher

Ms Aynura holds a Bachelor Degree from Baku Engineering University and is doing her Master Degree at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. She is engaged in SAT Maths from 2019. She is enthusiastic about teaching and guidance, using her emotional intelligence skills to effectively manage classroom behavior. Ms Aynura plans to continue her education and receive her PHD degree.

Lamiya Gurbanli

Maths Teacher

Ms Lamia is a graduate of the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Baku State University. She has obtained Master Degree in Computer Engineering from Azerbaijan Technical University. She has been working as a Math teacher since graduation. She loves children a lot and makes difficult math problems easy to understand during learning process. Ms Lamia continues her education career to receive her PHD degree.

Gultan Hamidova

Maths Teacher

Ms Gultan has graduated from Baku State University, faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics and from Azerbaijan Pedagogical University, faculty of Mathematics and ICT teacher. She has about 10  years of teaching experience in a community college and then in a private high school. She has received LANDAU Academy certificate. She loves children and motivates them. Students in her classes love Maths and look forward to studying with her.

Pari Mirzayeva

Maths Teacher

Ms Mirzayeva has graduated from Baku Engineering University, faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. During her Bachelor years, she worked as a Maths teacher and YOS teacher assistant. She also participated in a number of trainings, focusing on Math teaching methodology, as well as building positive relationship with the students. Her main aim as a teacher is to explain Math in more clear and simple way and make it more entertaining for students.

Nurana Abbasova

Maths Teacher

Ms Nurana earned her Bachelor Degree in Mathematics from Baku State University. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she took part in some Mathematics and Informatics courses at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany. She has been teaching Mathematics according to local and different international programs. Ms Nurana has dedicated herself to becoming a life-long educator and learner, and she strives to instill a similar desire in all of the students with whom she works. She has a lot of patience to work with slow learners and ability to engage class and create a learning environment.

Telli Bayramova

Maths Teacher

Ms Telli is a graduate of Baku Engineering University. She made her major in Mathematics and she has been working at LANDAU School and Pre-LANDAU for more than a year. In such a brief period, she has proven herself as a favorite teacher of her students. Teaching is not only a profession but also a life passion for her. She is mastering herself in student psychology by attending several indoor and out of school conferences and activities.

Sevil Aliyeva

Maths Teacher

Ms Sevil Aliyeva entered Baku Engineering University,  Mathematics (in English) in 2015. She was a member of the Young Teachers Club and actively participated many seminars on how to become a good teacher. At the same time, she worked as news reporter and presenter at a media club in Baku Engineering University. Her Diploma Thesis was on “Application of sequences to finance”. Her research field includes Application of Mathematics in different fields.  Currently, she is getting Master Degree Functional Analysis (in English) from Baku State University. Her interests include the history of Math, art and music. She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic person who is eager to teach children.

Sevil Ramazanova

Maths Teacher

Ms Sevil is a graduate of Baku State University majoring in Mathematics. She completed her Master’s Degree in Differential equations at Baku Engineering University with an Honour diploma. Working as a volunteer at Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union on the Department of Science and Education she developed and implemented activities and special educational events. Ms Sevil focuses on building connections with students to strengthen their engagement and help each student reach full potential through skill-building.

Chichak Aliyeva

Maths Teacher

Ms Chichak Aliyeva graduated from Baku Engineering University, faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.  She worked as a Maths teacher in Pythagorean Academy as well as she gained pedagogical experience  in her last year in Azerbaijan British Collage. Besides , she successfully passed her exams and is pursuing Master Degree in Mathematics currently. Her essential goal as a teacher is to make a difference in the lives  of students as many as she can.

Khayala Shikhaliyeva

Maths Teacher

Ms.Khayala graduated from Baku Engineering University.Her faculty is a mathematics teacher.While studying at the university, she worked as a mathematics teacher.In the following years she worked as an Ales and YOS teacher. She has been working as a mathematics teacher for 3 years. First of all, she prefers to make children love mathematics and explain more difficult topics in such fun ways

Kamran Mahmudov

World History and Azeri History Teacher

Kamran Mahmudov is a graduate of Baku State University with Honors Bachelor Degree in History. He is highly motivated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable historian. During his Bachelor’s Degree, he became a winner of XVI Republican History Olympiad. As well as, Kamran was awarded with the Scholarship Program of Eurasia Research Institute (named after D. I. Mendeleev) because of his academic qualifications. After graduating and getting his BA, he began his teaching career in one of national Educational Company.  He has been working as a history teacher more than three years. He is also author of World History textbook which is authentic material for preparation to State Examination Board exams. Currently, he is doing his Master’s Degree on International Affairs and Diplomacy at the ADA university. He has also been selected to receive Graduate Assistantship – prestigious scholarship of ADA university.  So, he is working at ADA university as a research assistant as well. As a history teacher, Kamran’s main ambition is to support his students to apply critical thinking and understand historical processes rather than just memorizing them. He believes that, it will make history classes more engaging and entertaining.

Mirkamran Huseynli

World History and Azeri History Teacher

Mr Mirkamran is a graduate of American Studies with a B.A degree at Baku State University. His first (joint) M.A degree is in East European Studies at University of Bologna and International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest. His second M.A degree is in Nationalism Studies at Central European University. Mr. Mirkamran worked as a Research Assistant at “Cold War History Research Center” in Budapest. He has academic publications in various edited volumes at “CEU press” and “CWHRC press”. He is also a co-founder of “CaucasusTalks” platform which aims to bring experts and activists into an open dialogue in the South Caucasus across borders. Apart from academic experience, he has conducted language instruction (American English and Spanish). He is also an advanced musician where he co-founded and played in “Old Baku” rock band which was active between 2012-2016.  Having such a diverse academic background with interdisciplinary research capabilities, Mr. Mirkamran will guide our students to the true meaning of history as a study.

Shovket Aslanova


Graduated from faculty of general psychology of Moscow State University in 2016. Right after graduation started working at the Logos Children’s Psychological Center as a child psychologist and teacher with 3-14 year old children. Have experience working as a trainter with teachers, parents in various projects of the ministry of education as well as for skills development of psychologists in Baku and different regions of Azerbaijan. Additionally, have been a staff member in an international project TIMSS.

Ismayil Zeynalli

World History and Azeri History Teacher

Mr Ismayil graduated from ADA University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs and he is currently doing his master’s degree at UNEC. He has two years of teaching experience at Ders Evi Education Center. Furthermore, he co-authored a textbook of Azerbaijani language during the years of employment. He considers teaching History to the next generations beyond a career path that corresponds with his future plans. He believes that service in education is also related to the fulfillment of citizenship obligations. As he believes that a strong education is fundament to a strong society, his passion for teaching never ends.


Gunel Taghizade

World History and Azeri History Teacher

Gunel Taghizade graduated from Baku State University, faculty of history. She has a BA and MA in History. She has also graduated from the institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (doctoral student). Currently, she is writing her dissertation and scientific research to get a PhD in History. She is an author of a number of scientific articles in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Hayat Nasirova

Geography Teacher

Working in Science and Contemporary Art fields allowed Ms Hayat to utilize her knowledge in natural sciences. Geography as a life tool is essential for each student and Ms Hayat is determined to spread the love of Geography among the students of LANDAU School.

Leyla Mammadyarova

Geography Teacher

Ms Leyla is a graduate of the Faculty of Geography, Baku State University. She holds a Master Degree in “Teaching methods and methodology of Geography”. Her previous professional experience was in Baku State University as a lecturer at American Studies and Tourism and Hospitality Departments for English division students. She has also taught Geography at secondary school for two years.She has worked at Baku 2015 First European Olympic Games, Baku 2017 Fourth Islamic Games, ASAN service, and many other events as a volunteer because she loves to contribute to Community Building. Her primary teaching goal is to improve students’ “sense of place”.

Sevinj Karimova

Azerbaijani Language and Literature Teacher

Ms Sevinj holds BA from Baku Slavic University in Azerbaijan Language and Literature. In addition to this, she also holds her second BA from Baku Slavic University in Russian Language and Literature with distinction. Ms Sevinj has been teaching language and literature in various educational institutions, including universities, college and schools since 1995 incessantly. She tries to prefer innovative methods in the course of teaching. She is keen on her subject and enjoys teaching it.

Narmina Safarli

Azerbaijani Language and Literature Teacher

Ms Narmina is professional and friendly Azerbaijani language teacher with positive attitude and strong work ethic. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Baku State University and did her Master’s degree at Baku Slavic University. Ms Narmina started her teaching career at Baku Girls University. She is the part of LANDAU school family since 2020 and as Azerbaijani language teacher her main goal is to create innovative teaching atmosphere for students.

Ilaha Gasimzade

Azerbaijani Language and Literature Teacher

Ms Ilaha is a devoted Azerbaijani Language and Literature teacher with an outgoing, dynamic, and fun personality and teaching style. Pursuing her passion for linguistics and teaching she gained her Bachelor`s Degree at Khazar University majoring in Azerbaijani Language and Literature (with honored diploma)  and her Master`s degree at ASPU in Education Management. Ms Ilaha  can speak Turkish and English very well and knows Arabic, Persian for doing her researches. With her extensive teaching experience in different well-known private schools in Azerbaijan she knows how to provide an environment full of love, trust and creativity in her classes which is the key to effective learning.  She continuously researches and develops  modern techniques and methods of teaching Azerbaijani as a second language.

Lala Pashayeva

KS3 Science Teacher

Ms Lala is a graduate of Baku State University with a Bachelor degree in Biology. She then has pursued her Master degree in Botany from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.  Ms Lala has worked as a Scientists in ANAS Microbiology Institute and AzerKimya Institute. Her love and passion for science brought her to the world of education. She is happy to teach KS3 Science and spread the love of Science.



Farid Javadov

KS3 Science and IGCSE Physics Teacher

Mr Farid Javadov is a graduate of Baku Engineering University with a degree in Physics.  He then pursued his Master’s in Science from Kaunas Technology University. Has was a participant of Mevlana student Exchange program by Uludag University in Turkey. Mr Farid loves researching challenging Physics topics.  His love and passion for physics lured him to pursue the teaching career and inspire young future scientists. He has worked as a teacher in a number of international schools and has got experience in teaching KS3 Science, IGCSE Physics, National Curriculum Physics and IBDP. Mr Farid can’t wait to teach Physics to his new students at LANDAU Secondary School

Sarkhan Butdayev

KS3 Science and Physics Teacher

Mr Sarkhan is a graduate of Baku Engineering University with a BS degree in Physics. He then pursued his Master degree in Nanobiophysics from Dresden Technical University, Germany. Mr Sarkhan dived into the research of topics such as Stem cell culture, 3D cell culture, Fluorescence microscopy imaging of biological samples and many more. He loves researching Science problems and wants to spread love of Science amongst his students.

Lala Isgandarova

KS3 Science Teacher

Lala Isgandarova graduated from Baku Engineering University. Her specialty is Biology teaching (EN). After graduation, she pursued Master Degree in Science at the Institute of Botany of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. She specialized in Botany, Plant Systematics. She gained teaching experience while she was studying at the University. Besides teaching experience, she also participated in local and international conferences. In addition, she took part in the course of “Introduction into Molecular Phylogenetics” that was organized by The Faculty of Freie University Berlin. Since 2017 she has been working at the Institute of Botany as a research assistant. She is now pursuing an academic career as a Ph.D. student.

Parviz Ismayilov

IGCSE, A Level, SAT Biology Teacher

Mr Parviz graduated from Baku State University in 2005 with a degree in Biology. He has been teaching for 15 years in different private and international schools. Mr Parviz has also pursued his Master degree in Genetics. He has been marking official State Biology Exams. He is experienced in teaching IB Biology, A level Biology, AP and SAT programs. In his free time, Mr Parviz play football and travels a lot. He is keen to meet Biology lovers at LANDAU School.

Aytaj Ahmadzade

KS Science Teacher

After graduating from Baku Engineering University with a degree in Biology,

Ms. Aytaj got International TESOL and SAT certificates. Ms Aytaj loves exploring different Science programs and teaching young scientists. She acted asna jury in 30th International Biology Olympiad in Hungary, worked under professional staff, and lead participants who came from all around the world. She believes that each student brings different experiences and strengths to the classroom and she hopes is that she can support and appropriately challenge students to help them reach their full potential.

Aygun Amirbayova


Ms Aygun is a Baku Engineering University graduate. Azerbaijan Technical University awarded her a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. She is enthusiastic about learning and expanding her horizons, and she is passionate about teaching. She enjoys working with students and strives to maintain positive, friendly relationships with them. She is currently a student at Landau Academy.

Leyla Namazova


Ms Leyla is a graduate of Baku Engineering University’s Faculty of Mathematics Teaching. She was a member of the Pi Club and attended numerous seminars on how to become a good teacher. She worked as a Math and Logic teacher during her undergraduate studies. She also has a master’s degree from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in Methods and Methodologies of Teaching Mathematics. Additionally, she attended a number of training sessions focusing on Math teaching methodology as well as developing positive relationships with students. She is eager to implement modern teaching standards and methodologies, to deliver engaging and effective lessons, and to ensure students’ rapid and consistent development.

Mehriban Huseynli


Ms Mehriban graduated from Baku Engineering University’s Faculty of Mathematics Teaching. She was given the opportunity to study for a year at Mayis University in Turkey. Ms.Mehriban worked as a Math teacher during her undergraduate studies. She is currently teaching SAT and IGCSE Mathematics. She is a proud holder of the Landau Academy certificate. Ms.Mehriban loves children so much that she dedicated her career to teaching.

Maryam Mammadzade


Ms. Maryam graduated from Baku Engineering University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She is gaining three years of teaching experience while leveraging expertise in lesson planning, curriculum development, and classroom management to meet the needs of individual students. She is an excellent facilitator who is skilled at developing and implementing special instrumental maths teaching strategies to assist students in developing their mathematical concepts. She is genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about teaching math. Her understanding of online learning platforms enables her to help students learn outside of the classroom. Ms. Maryam is passionate about programming, management, and start-up projects.

Aisha Huseynova


Ms. Aisha holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Baku State University. She also took part in many trainings focusing on Math teaching methodology. She has also taught mathematics in accordance with the National Azerbaijani Maths Curriculum. She enjoys teaching and is eager to instill a love of mathematics in children by explaining difficult concepts in simple terms.

Bilal Nurmammadov


Mr.Bilal has a Bachelor’s degree from Baku Engineering University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Since 2019, he has been teaching PreSat Math and individual or group math. Mr.Bilal considers himself fortunate to be a teacher. As the best educators continue to learn, one should constantly strive to improve. Mr. Bilal intends to continue his education and earn a PhD.

Gulgaz Iskandarova


Ms. Iskandarova began her career at SOCAR-AQS after receiving a degree in Business Administration from ADA University and Kiel University in Germany. She is also a DAAD Scholarship holder. Ms. Gulgaz is currently employed as a Business Advisory Associate at Baker Tilly Azerbaijan. Her teaching experience began as a teaching assistant at ADA University and continued for three years as a tutor at the ADA Academic Success Centre. She also works as an instructor for General English and IELTS at Leznik&Co. Her main goal in teaching is to emphasize the importance of practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge.

Sabina Abdullayeva


Sabina Abdullaeva graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics (English/Chinese). She earned her MA in Nanjing, China, and has worked in a number of international schools and language centers in Beijing. She has been teaching for over 5 years. Her teaching philosophy is based on the philosophy of creativity and enthusiasm on the difficult road to success. In LANDAU School, she currently teaches KS3 and KS4, English support classes and runs a debate club. Her favorite pastimes include reading classic literature, singing, and writing stories.

Afag Rahimli


Ms Afag is a graduate of Nakhchivan State University’s French language teaching faculty. She is passionate about language learning and teaching. During her university years, she won the “Translator of French Culture” competition and had the opportunity to participate in multiple French trainings in Châteauroux, Paris (France). She has four years of teaching experience and international certificates from the French Embassy in Azerbaijan. She adores children and enjoys teaching them.

Ramal Khosrovzade


Mr. Ramal Khosrovzada holds degrees from both Azerbaijan University of Languages and the University of Angers in France. Ramal Khosrovzada, who specializes in translation and interpretation as well as management, had the opportunity to expand his experience by working with various local and foreign establishments such as the French Embassy in Baku. Mr. Ramal has 9 years of experience and is truly motivated to share his knowledge not only with his students, but with anyone who wishes to broaden their horizons by learning new languages.

Sevinj Rajabova


Ms Sevinj holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages from the Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages. She has 25 years of teaching experience in public and private schools and universities, and she speaks Azerbaijani, Russian, and German fluently. She has a number of accomplishments in her work with the IGCSE German program. She took part in teacher training programs in Germany and attended numerous conferences. She values innovative approaches to teaching methodologies in her work.

Orxan Ibrahimov


Orkhan Ibrahimov is an honor graduate of The Middle East Technical University’s Computer Education and Instructional Technology department in Ankara, Turkey. He is a self-assured, proactive, highly motivated, enthusiastic, quick learner who enjoys being constantly challenged. Mr. Orkhan is used to working in autonomous roles and has a diverse background in IT Training/Project Management. He is a capable teacher with experience in curriculum design and teaching across a wide range of subjects, as well as the ability to work effectively on his own initiative.

Vagif Hamzayev


Vagif Hamzayev received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology from ADA University. He is the team’s lead programmer and a regular competitor in Google’s international competitions. His team was ranked 250th out of 130.000 in the world programmers rating. Mr. Vagif is a young professional specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He started at our school in 2020 and has always strived to provide students with not only knowledge but also practical application of that knowledge.

Malaka Yusifli


Malaka graduated from Baku Engineering University/English Language and Literature Teaching with honors. As a scholarship-student, Ms Yusifli studied in Düsseldorf, Germany. Ms Yusifli is an internationally certified teacher of English with more than four years’ experience preparing teenagers for various Cambridge English SL Qualifications. Malaka Yusifli works at LANDAU School as a KS3 English teacher and form tutor. She collaborates actively in the Secondary School Preparation Program—PreLANDAU, where she teaches English as a second language. She believes that education is not an advantage but is a right of everyone.

Fatima Alizade


Fatima Alizada completed her BA in Translation at Azerbaijan University of Languages. Ms Alizade earned her Master’s Degree in Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism implemented by three universities: Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania and University of Tartu, Estonia. Fatima had worked as an interpreter and taught English to various age groups before she joined LANDAU School as a KS3 English teacher and form tutor. She collaborates actively in the Secondary School Preparation Program teaching English SL in Pre 8. Fatima believes that every learner is a capable learner if he puts effort and learns from his mistakes.

Lamiya Safarova


Lamiya Safarova holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching from the Azerbaijan University of Languages. She completed her MA studies in Beijing, China, and went on to work for a number of international schools and organizations. She has over 7 years of experience teaching students of various ages. In addition to being a language teacher, she has experience teaching Digital Literacy. Her teaching philosophy is based on the concept of creating a safe atmosphere in which all students can thrive. She currently teaches English in KS4 and KS5 preparing her students for IGCSE first language, IELTS and TOEFL examinations in LANDAU School. Lamiya Safarova contributed massively to the LANDAU School English for Teachers programme. Cooking vegan meals, hiking and outdoors activities are some of her favorite pastimes.

Paul McGhee


Paul is an Expat English Teacher at LANDAU School. He studied English and French at the University of Oxford, during which time he began tutoring students from primary level to A-Level, which he continued into 2020. He has also spent 8 months as an English Teaching Assistant in Caen, France. Paul teaches KS2 and KS3, and uses his passion for the subject of English to offer an informative, engaging and accessible pedagogy. Encouraging attention to detail and critical thinking while providing UK-specific resources, Paul helps students to prepare and reach for KS3 and GCSE curriculums.

Leyla Rahimova


Leyla Rahimova is a LANDAU Secondary English teacher who is passionate about motivating her students to find their English-language personality. Having received her first bachelor degree in Law and following her dream of teaching English, she graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages with a bachelor degree in English Philology and a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Khazar University. Leyla Rahimova has got more than 8 years of teaching experience. She is patient, clear, and empowers her students to speak English confidently and fluently. She is fond of travelling, exploring new cultures and enhancing her knowledge.

Phillip James Thomas


Phillip J. Thomas is a History/Hispanic Studies with Portuguese graduate from University of Birmingham. He was an exchange undergraduate student in Malaga, Spain, a Spanish tutor and a Year 8 mentor in Six Form, London. Phillip is an Expat English Teacher at LANDAU. He teaches English in KS3 and in PreLANDAU, exposing his students to the first-language environment. He brings enthusiasm and innovation, providing the stepping stone for his students to pursue fluency in a way that best suits them. He is truly grateful for the opportunity to build and grow in tandem with LANDAU School.

Nigar Abdulkarimova


A fanatical anglophile, Nigar Abdulkarimova, is an internationally certified teacher with a degree in English Language Teaching from University of Languages. She completed headteacher/manager training in Prague, Czech Republic after which she was chosen to found a preschool franchise in Baku with the head office situated in London, UK. Nigar Abdulkarimova has got almost 10 years of teaching experience with General and Academic English as well as English for Specific Purposes to individuals and corporate clients. After successful completion of the LANDAU Academy Teacher Training course, Nigar joined LANDAU International as a KS3 English teacher. Her hobbies include theatre, historical novels, period dramas and Latin dances.

Sabina Abdullayeva


Sabina Abdullaeva graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics (English/Chinese). She earned her MA in Nanjing, China, and has worked in a number of international schools and language centers in Beijing. She has been teaching for over 5 years. Her teaching philosophy is based on the philosophy of creativity and enthusiasm on the difficult road to success. In LANDAU School, she currently teaches KS3 and KS4, English support classes and runs a debate club. Her favorite pastimes include reading classic literature, singing, and writing stories.