We follow the English National Curriculum in Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. At KS 1 – 2 – 3 levels we offer Pearson International Primary and Lower Secondary Program (IPLS). At KS4 – 5 levels we offer international GCSE’s and international A level. Azeri National subjects are also delivered in order to proceed with Attestat (local school diploma).


 Key Stage 1

 Key Stage 1 is the legal term for the 2 years of schooling, as year 1 and year 2. When students are aged between (5 – 7 and 8).

  • LANDAU Year 1 – (equals British year 3)
  • LANDAU Year 2 – (equals British year 4)

All students in in this stage must follow a programme of education in these areas: English, Math, Science, Design and Technology, PBL – Project Based Learning, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computing, MFL – Modern foreign language, PSHE – Personal, Social, and Health Education. At the end of this stage, students in year 2 (7 – 8) are internally assessed in English and Math. The test carried out by the teacher during May, cover English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and Math.

Key Stage 2

  • LANDAU Year 3 – (equals British year 5).
  • LANDAU Year 4 – (equals British year 6).

All students in this stage must follow a programme of education in these 12 areas: English, Math, Science, PBL – Project Based Learning, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Computing, Physical Education, MFL – Modern Foreign Languages, PSHE – Personal, Social, and Health Education.

At the end of this stage, students are externally assessed in English, Math and Science by Pearson International Primary Assessment.


Key Stage 3

KS3 is the fundamental stage in secondary education. It is a bridge between primary education and IGCSE level. Subjects taught at KS3 level are English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages (German or French), Physical Education and Azeri National subjects.

  • LANDAU Year 5 – (equals British year 7 – KS3-1ST year)
  • LANDAU Year 6 – (equals British year 8 – KS3-2nd year)
  • LANDAU Year 7 – (equals British year 9 – KS3 – 3rd year)

 Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 is the stage where students work towards their IGCSE’s. International General Certificate of Secondary Education widely known as IGCSE’s are awarded as a result of a 2 year course in different subjects and externally assessed examinations. IGCSE’s are internationally recognized qualifications that lead to A levels. At LANDAU School students must do a minimum of 6 IGCSE subjects in order to proceed to A levels.

  • LANDAU Year 8 – (equals British year 10 – IGCSE 1st year)
  • LANDAU Year 9 – (equals British year 11 – IGCSE 2nd year)

During the IGCSE Course some subjects are compulsory and some subjects are optional. IGCSE students may choose different streams. We are offering the following streams for the academic year 2020 –  2021. The options change every academic year.

Key Stage 5

KS5 is the stage where students work towards either Advanced Level Certificates.

  • LANDAU Year 10 – (equals British year 12)
  • LANDAU Year 11 – (equals British year 13)

A Level:

Students choose a minimum of 3 subjects to study at A level. The subject choice depends upon the University and Faculty choice. Upon completing the 2 year A level course students are externally assessed and awarded with A level certificates which will allow them to start their University courses without studying Foundation level.

Subjects offered at A level currently are: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, ICT, German, French, Economics, History. In addition to A level subjects, students must study IELTS/TOEFL as a part of English Subject and Azerbaijani Curriculum Subjects.