Gunel Mammadova

Principal of Landau PreSchool

Ms. Gunel has more than 13 years of management experience in multinational corporations. She is energetic and dedicated to her work at PreSchool. LANDAU PreSchool is a one-of-a-kind educational setting. Her major working philosophy is to develop in youngsters a love of learning and education. This is the initial stage in a child’s educational journey.

Jalala Gasimli


She graduated from Khazar University both Bachelor ( English Langauge and literature) and Master ( International Economic Relations) degrees. As well as used to work as an instructor in various International Schools.

Ruhangiz Akhmedova


Graduate from Chelyabinsk State Pedogogical University as English teacher and pre-school teacher in Russia. Ms. Ruhangiz has 11-years teaching experience of preschoolers at Pre-school education center in the Russian Federation. She is certified of teaching children with special concerns (needs).

Narmin Hummatzade


Ms. Narmin has a Bachelor’s degree from Baku Slavic University, as a teacher of English Language and Literature. She started her career as a tutor and has 9 years of experience as a teacher in private Preschool educational centers. Successfully passed her IELTS exam. Ms. Narmin`s motto is “Teacher`s duty is not only to teach subjects, but also teach the students the way of life”.

Tahmina Askerova


With a degree in teaching English, Ms Tahmina has extensive teaching experience. Ms. Tahmina ensures that each of the student learn in an interactive, playful way and speak English fluently.

Nigar Hetemova


Ms. Nigar graduated from Tefekkur University and got her bachelor degree in English language Teaching. She has 8 years of teaching experience at the Baku Modern International School. Ms. Nigar has participated at different development and webinar seminars.

Yana Xaliqova Landau

Yana Khaligova

Principal`s PA

Ms. Yana graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (Bachelor’s degree) and Azerbaijan State Economic University (Master’s degree) in the HR sphere. After graduating she joined to LANDAU PreSchool team. As a responsible and detail-oriented person, she deals with parents to help them with any questions they are interested in.

Sabina Turina

Principal`s PA

Ms. Sabina graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University and has bachelor degree in commerce. After graduating she worked at Insurance Company for a year. Then she worked as an office manager in Leznik&Co. Currently, she works as a Principal`s personal assistant. Her main job at LANDAU PreSchool is to communicate with parents, provide information and keep the record of LANDAU’s prospective students.

Nigar Baghirova


She was born in Baku. Graduated from Modern Humanitarian Academy with a bachelor degree in English language. She has 11-years experience in the different companies. Capable to conduct business negotiations and to find right solutions and work in multicultural and multiethnic environments.

Firuza Bayramova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Firuza graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages and got her bachelor degree in English language Teaching. She has 5 years of teaching experience at the Azerbaijan British College. Ms. Firuza took part in training programme “Region All MAG” young trainers form in Baku. She participated in International Learning Conference- “Empowering Learning.” (Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre).

Sahila Nehmatova Landau

Sahila Nehmatova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Sahila graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University as an English teacher, with a bachelor degree. She is a teacher with 13 years’ experience providing an innovative, stimulating learning environment for children. Ms. Sahila worked at the Secondary School No1, in the “Yashil ada” kindergarten and Kid’s Land (ACBC) as a mainstream teacher. She has participated in various courses and webinars of innovative teaching methodology and techniques.

Nigar Baghirova Landau

Nigar Baghirova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Nigar was born on June 13th, 1997. She studied at Baku Business Cooperation Collage. She worked at Bumblebee play & preschool for 1 year.

Gulnar Abdullayeva

Gulnar Abdullayeva


Ms. Gulnar graduated from Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages with a bachelor degree in teaching English. She has more than five years of experience at schools, preschools, and universities. As a result, she got great opportunity to expand her knowledge in psychology as well. As a passionate teacher, she has written a research article on implementing different methods for teaching students with dyslexia, which is widespread nowadays, thus she is always ready to share the information and help people with dyslexia. 
Certificates: Certificate of Professional Development- Jolly Phonics Grammar – 2018/2019 academic year
The National Curriculum – 2018/2019 academic year
Certificate of attendance in webinar “ EFL Teachers’ Language Assessment Knowledge’ (Farhadi) & ‘The Future of Englishes (Crystal) “ – 09 May 2020
Certificate of attendance in webinar ‘Real Language in a Personalised Online Test &
SPOTLIGHT Technique in Teaching Reading’ – 23 May 2020

Jamila Ismayilova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Jamila is a TESOL certified teacher with five years of teaching experience. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature Teaching (Honors) from the Azerbaijan University of Languages, and a master’s degree in English Linguistics (Honors) from the Azerbaijan University of Languages. She holds International TESOL Certificate, and “Specialization Certificate in Teaching Young Learners”. She has got IELTS and “Advanced High Level -C1 Certificate” for successful completion of four language skills (certified by International TEFL Training Institute, New York)

Javahir Machanova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Javahir has graduated from Khazar University, English Language and Literature. She did her master degree at Azerbaijan Pedagogical University, in Primary Education. Work experience: • ABC Kids-land as Teacher Assistant. • Green Door Kindergarten – English Instructor • Candy House- English Instructor

Lala Alakbarova

Mainstream Teacher

An enthusiastic, versatile, creative and resourceful individual with a strong educational background and varied experience of teaching the English National Curriculum within Early years, KS1 and KS2.

Lamiya Guseynova


Ms. Lamiya has 7 years of experience in instructing English language. Trained psychology at Izmir Gelisim College in Turkey. Trainings – Robotics coding at Istanbul. Mind Games in Bodrum. From 24.02.2012 European language centre, 06.09.2019 -30.11.2016 -Cucelerim kindergarten, 01.12.2016-28.03.2018 – MOD Bodrum international school, 01.04.2018- 23.09.2019 -Tumurcuq Kindergarten, Youth Academy “Class Management” and “Strategies of Teaching” by Nigar Guseynova.

Leyla Jafarli

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Leyla graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages, bachelor and master, honored diploma, got certificates from Cambridge Assessment TKT module1, module2, module 3, got TESOL Certificate, Grade B+, score 863 from 1000. I worked at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University as TA 8 years between 2010-2018, at local school number 112 one year as an English language teacher, taught students aged between 6-16.

Mehriban Imanova


With many years of teaching experience in international schools, holds BS degree in English Translation and BS degree in English Language Teaching. Diploma in Art for 5 years duration program. IELTS certified. Certificates: “21 Century Writing” by Shelley Cook, “Classroom Management” by Shelley Cook, CBS Solutions, Diploma the 1 degree from the Student’s Science Society, Professional Development “Jolly Phonics Grammar”.

Mehriban Mustafayeva

Mainstream Teacher

Experienced teacher, graduated from Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages. Recognized for ability to develop and implement activities that improve students learning and behavioral skills, as well as confidence and self-reliance. IELTS certified, TKT is in a process.

Nubar Alirzayeva

Mainstream Teacher

Ms.Nubar graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages as an English teacher and did her Master Degree at Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Ms. Nubar has an 8-years of teaching experience at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Baku State University and Azerbaijan Medical University.

Sabina Rustamova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Sabina graduated Philology-English Faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Currently, she is taking English Language Training (ELT) Certificate Program by NC State University with the support of US Embassy in Azerbaijan. Totally, she has 11 years’ professional experience, cooperation with foreign staff in the international projects and companies, which 6 years out of it dedicated to teaching. Her teaching experience started with LIB language school, then Baku Oxford International School, Sky Eng International Online School. Right now she is working as Mainstream Teacher at LANDAU Preschool.

Yulia Mukhtarova

Mainstream Teacher

Ms. Yulia graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University, brings years of experience to educational process. Using a child’s natural curiosity to help growth and development in preschool. Her motto is “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.”

Almaz Gambarova


Ms. Almaz graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages. Her faculty was education (Pedagogical faculty). 

Fidan Nasirova Landau

Fidan Nasirova


Ms. Fidan graduated from Azerbaijan Pedagogical University and has a bachelor degree in English language and Teaching. She is an IELTS certified teacher and specialized in EYS learners. She worked as an English teacher more than 5 years. Ms. Fidan has work experience at different educational centers. As the second degree, she pursued IT degree from System Administration from Idrak Academy.

Gulchin Mehdizade Landau

Gulchin Mehdizade


Ms. Gulchin has a bachelor’s degree in English language Teaching at Azerbaijan University of Languages as well as she is doing her master degree at the same university. Ms. Gulchin has teaching experience more than 3 years in several educational institutions. She participated in trainings and courses which followed by various certificates like, Certificate of attended and successfully completed an online English Language Assessment CELTA Course at upper intermediate level (B2) at the English Academy Dublin, Ireland. Ms. Gulchin is enthusiastic about teaching and working with kids.

Gultekin Abbasli


Ms. Gultekin graduated from Odlar Yurdu University and has a bachelor degree in English language Teaching. She has working experience at Evrika Liceyum and etc. She successfully fulfilled the requirements of the teacher training workshop on Classroom Management and Teaching techniques presented by SR Teaching & Learning as well as has attended and completed the training workshop in Dynamic Education and Grammar. Participated in Teacher Development and webinar seminars. Currently, she works as a teaching assistant at LANDAU PreSchool.

Maryam Guliyeva


Ms. Maryam graduated from Baku State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, With an experience in IT and Math.

Nazrin Salimova Landau

Nazrin Salimova


Ms. Nazrin has a bachelor’s degree in English language Teaching from Azerbaijan University of Languages. She got her master degree at “Odlar Yurdu University”. After graduating she worked as an English teacher in “Conversation Club for preschoolers” section in Kids Club for a year. Later Ms. Nazrin worked as an examiner in the State Examination Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan. She participated in training which followed by various certificates: Certificate for attending the “Future Education: Application of Innovations and Modernity” forum organized by Global Career Institute.

Peri Alimova Landau

Peri Alimova


Ms. Pari graduated from Baku Engineering University as a Preschool Education teacher. She has 5-years of teaching experience. Her first experience after graduating was as a Preschool education teacher at “Banu” kindergarten. She completed “Autumn school for instructors on informal and interactive teaching programs, training program development, monitoring and evaluation” Y-Peer Azerbaijan. Ms. Peri worked as an English language teacher at “Sehrli Dunya” kindergarten for a year. She took part in the Organizing committee of “IV International Conference of Young Researchers” at Baku Engineering University. She attended “Child Psychology” course and “Correction to lack of self-confidence” training at “Logos Psychological Speech Development Center “. For a year Ms. Pari worked as a Preschool education teacher at “Gunesh” Teaching and Psychological Speech Development Center. She was a teacher assistant at European Azerbaijan School (ELC) and worked as a Preschool homeroom teacher at Azerbaijan Finland International school.

Turkan Allahverdiyeva


Ms. Turkan graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages , and Master of arts from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and has work experiences at different educational centers. Ms. Turkan has participated at different development and webinar seminars.

Mustafaeva Safura

PreSchool Pshychologist

She was born on April 6, 1995. In 2016, Ms. Safura was graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, psychologist bachelor. In 2018, she was retrained as a clinical psychologist at the National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Neurology by V.M. Bekhterov.

Dilara Karimova

Dance teacher

Ms. Dilara graduated from State Oil & Insdustry University as Biomedical Engineer. Worked in State Sport, Health and Rehabilitation Institute as Sports Biomechanist and health coordinator. She worked in Early Childhood Development American Franchisee Gymboree Play & Music Centre for 4 years as leading instructor ,aslo worked as Music and Body Movement teacher in Bumblebee Kids Club. Currently member of Baila Baku Dance Studio and member of several International Festivals all over the world. Dancing experience – 15 years.

Konul Osmanova Landau

Konul Osmanova


Ms. Konul graduated from Azerbaijan Teachers Institute as a Primary school teacher. Currently, she is getting second education in the faculty of “Translation (English language)” at Odlar Yurdu University. Ms. Konul has 7 years of experience in primary school teaching. She worked for 4 years in “Istak” lyceum and 1 year in “Evrika” lyceum. During this period, she received certificates such as “Curriculum” (2015), “TESOL” (2019), “Successful Management-Communication in Education” (2019) “İMTF”-New innovations in education (2018).

Laman Hasanova Landau

Laman Hasanova


Ms. Laman has a bachelor degree from Khazar University as a Primary School Teacher. After graduating she worked at Dunya School for a year. She has some work experience in Epos Education Center as a trainee. Currently, Ms. Laman works as an Azerbaijani language teacher in LANDAU Preschool.

Russian division

Konul Ahmedova Landau

Кёнуль Ахмедова


Кёнуль ханум окончила Бакинский Славянский Университет по специальности «Учитель русского языка». Имеет 7 летний опыт работы воспитателем в Детсом саду имени Зарифы Алиевой. За время работы многократно получала почетные грамоты за вклад и развитие детей дошкольного возраста.
Nargiz Quliyeva Landau

Наргиз Гулиева


Выпускница Государственного профессионального Смоленского Педагогического Колледжа по специальности « Дошкольное образование». Работала в Муниципальном дошкольном образовательном учреждении с приоритетным осуществлении художественно – эстетического развития воспитанников №29 Российской Федерации города Астрахань в течении 5 лет. После этого Наргиз ханум 3 года проработала в городе Баку, в частном детском саду «Free Baby» и ещё 4 года в деском саду «Buta».

Айтен Алиярова


Окончила Университет «Одлар Юрду» и получила степень бакалавра по специальности «Преподаватель английского языка». Проходила стажиревку в 20-ой школе и БСБ. Работала в British School ассистентом в течении двух лет. Айтен ханум имеет также музыкальное образование. Ее девиз: “ За один день вы можете провести ученику урок, но если вы воспитаете в нём любознательность и любопытство, то он будет продолжать учиться всю свою жизнь”.
Nigar Fataliyeva Landau

Нигяр Фаталиева


Окончила Университет «Азербайджан» по специальности «Учитель английского языка». В течении двух лет работала в переводческом центре «AZ». Работала в центре развития детей «Smart Kids» и на языковых курсах CELC English Academy два года.